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"Who wants to be a Millionaire"


Hanoi - Vietnam

New video: I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day


Da Nang - Vietnam

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Mini show with Pham Đình Thái Ngân


Da Nang - Vietnam

Mini show with Pham Đình Thái Ngân at Mercury Danang coffee at 6PM Dec 23, 2014.

Ryan Duy Hung at Promise House


Da Nang - Vietnam

Ryan and his colleagues at Seadev brought gifts to the children at Promise House and spent time singing and playing together.

Featured on "Morning Coffee" TV Show


Hanoi - Vietnam

Ryan made a guest appearance on Morning Coffee TV Show with MC. Diep Chi.

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MC for "Christmas Choir Da Nang 2014"


Da Nang - Vietnam

Featured on "Chuyen dong 24h" TV show


Hanoi - Vietnam

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Featured on "Talk Vietnam" TV Show - VTV4


Hanoi - Vietnam

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Ryan Duy Hung is an American with a deep understanding and appreciation of Vietnamese culture and music. His musical repertoire includes pop, R&B, ballads and even rap, ranging from the nostalgic “Câm Lặng” to the hot “Chắc Ai Đó Sẽ Về.” His warm, affectionate personality and astonishing linguistic suave infuses his music with both genuineness and charm.

Ryan Hayes Ford was born in Virginia in 1987 and exposed to the Vietnamese culture and language from a very young age. Vietnamese friends who immigrated to the USA in the early 90’s gave him the nickname “Hung,” sparking his curiosity for the Vietnamese culture. In 1995, Ryan’s family moved to Hanoi, Vietnam where he immediately immersed himself in the culture and language.

Ryan’s interest in music at an early age was rooted in his families rich heritage within the music realm. A number of his ancestors were musicians who played in well-known orchestras, touring bands and churches. His father was a music leader and his mother sang in the local church. When his older sister Cassandra began taking piano lessons, four-year-old Ryan would watch her practice copying her lessons by ear eventually persuading his parents to let him pursue formal instruction. His grandparents encouraged Ryan and Cassandra to play by placing a “tip jar” on top of the piano and putting in a little money for every song they would play.

Later in Hanoi, Ryan continued his piano studies and began drum lessons. As a teenager, he joined his father in creating a Beatles Tribute band called “The Beat,” which performed at various venues in Hanoi.

In 2005, Ryan moved to the USA to attend Syracuse University, where he graduated with honors from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, majoring in Intercultural Communications with a focus on Modern Foreign Languages. During his college years Ryan continued studying piano and taught himself guitar and bass. He also began developing his music leadership skills by serving as a song leader and frontman (MC) for a student campus ministry.

Ryan returned to Vietnam in 2009 to pursue his business career. Currently Ryan is a Director at South East Asia Development Company, Limited (Seadev), where he supports sales initiatives, event hosting (MC) and marketing campaigns. He is also pursuing an Executive MBA at The University of Hawaii’s Schidler School of Business.

While launching his business career, Ryan has continued to pursue his interest in music during his free time, especially adding new Vietnamese songs to his growing repository. He enjoys practicing at home for pleasure, including singing with his friends. In fact, it was during one of these impromptu music sessions that a friend filmed Ryan singing “Chiếc Khăn Gió Ấm” and uploaded the unedited clip to Youtube. Three years later, the video was discovered and posted to a popular Vietnamese music channel, where it quickly went viral. Ryan recalls, “I woke up one morning and discovered I had hundreds of Facebook friend requests from strangers, many of whom asking me to share more videos!” This outpouring of positive feedback was the motivational catalyst that encouraged Ryan to pursue his musical passion more earnestly. Since then, Ryan has invested much of his free time in producing more recordings and music videos.

Ryan’s style and interpretation of music is inherently Vietnamese, yet influenced by his upbringing and love for worship music, jazz standards, and classic rock and roll. Ryan’s personal playlist includes favorites from Vietnamese singers such as Lam Trường, Mỹ Tâm, and Bằng Kiều, as well as international artists Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, and Big Bang. Ryan also draws inspiration from contemporary artists such as Chris Tomlin, Chris Quilala, Kim Walker, and Kari Jobe.

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